People & Pets

These are the wonderful pets and clients that are part of the Steele Creek Animal Hospital family! If you would like to see your pet showcased here, please send a photo to

Sami K

Our Receptionist Jennifer with Sami K.


This is Rosie!


Here's Clemmie!

Dr. McDermott with Cami

Dr. McDermott getting a hug from Cami


This is the adorable KoKo.

Gunner is happy today!

Gunner is so glad to see everyone.


Isa waiting patiently for his turn.

Sonny & See

Sonny & See Lee

Jelly & Denise

This is Jelly with our Denise.

Canaan March 2014

And this is Canaan 3 months later. He's learned that Dad is the best way to travel.